From Sheep to Spinner

Sorry, you missed this one!
hands holding fleece as it feeds into a spinning wheel

10am - 4pm

Demonstration Textiles Yarn Drop-in Free

Learn about different breeds and fleeces.

If you would like to see expert spinners using their wheels and spindles, to make yarn from 'raw' sheep fleece, today's the day!

Some of Norfolk's most experienced and enthusiastic spinners will be outside the Forum, surrounded by freshly shorn fleeces.

They can talk and spin, so don't hesitate to ask questions!

This is a great opportunity to see how yarn used to be made before the industrial revolution, and for young people to see the images in their history books and fairy tales re-enacted!

And no, a spinning wheel can't prick your finger or make you sleep for 100 years!

Woman at spinning wheel

Also on site are Festival regulars from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, who can answer your questions about the many different types of sheep we have in the UK, and explain how important it is to look after them.

While all safety measures will be taken and advice given, you participate in free activities and workshops at your own risk.