About the Festival

Have fun. Explore the creative you!

The Norfolk Makers Festival is a free, annual event which brings together local artists, crafters and artisans - both professional and amateur - for a glorious celebration of creativity, personal expression and artistic collaboration. 

The Festival is all about encouraging visitors to get involved, to have a go, to try something new, to develop their skills and to explore their creative selves.

The Forum building is filled with an eclectic mix of art work, created by both amateurs and professionals, and in amongst this visitors can enjoy free hands-on activities and demonstrations. 

There is also a programme of ticketed talks and focused workshops, creating a vibrant, collaborative festival atmosphere for all age groups and abilities. 

Visitors engage with local crafts people, hobbyists and small businesses whose interests and expertise cover a variety of skills including embroidery, painting, knitting, printing, weaving, sketching, sewing, quilting, spinning, crochet, paper craft, wood craft, modelling, digital animation, upcycling and more.

The Festival is free to enter and the hands-on activities and exhibitions are also free. In addition there is a programme of paid-for workshops, priced accessibly and held both during the day and in the evenings.

The Festival provides a unique chance to have a go at a new craft or develop existing skills in a friendly and non-pressured environment. 

Two women modelling with clay

Norfolk Makers Festival is presented by The Forum Trust, the independent, self-financing charitable trust, which runs The Forum. The Trust has a commitment to creating educational opportunities and promoting life-long learning and personal development.