About Us

Who benefits? Why do we do it?

The Norfolk Makers Festival is a free, annual event which takes place at The Forum, Norwich and which brings together tens of thousands of people in a celebration of creativity and making heritage.

The Forum building is filled with inspirational exhibitions, demonstrations, hands-on activities, conversation, talks and workshops, attracting large numbers of visitors and creating a vibrant, collaborative festival atmosphere.

Visitors engage with local crafts people, hobbyists and small businesses whose interests and expertise cover a variety of skills including embroidery, painting, knitting, printing, weaving, sketching, sewing, quilting, spinning, crochet, paper craft, cake craft, wood craft and more.

There are plenty of Fringe events too, giving more people the chance to get crafty in Norwich and Norfolk.

Who benefits?

Everyone. For the public, the Norfolk Makers Festival provides a unique chance to have a go at a new craft or develop existing skills in a friendly and non-pressured environment. The free exhibitions, demonstrations and activities are accessible and available to all. Evaluation shows that visitors appreciate the inspiration, encouragement and hands-on interactivity.

For our contributors this is an opportunity to raise the profile of their businesses, organisations, schools, colleges and charities both during the event and via the Festival’s marketing platforms. Feedback from the last three years shows that involvement in this event leads to new bookings, new members, raised awareness and involvement, and new friends.