Put Your Stitches in the Grenfell Memorial Quilt

Grief and protest expressed in a gigantic textile project.

The Grenfell Memorial Quilt project was created by the 'artivist' Tuesday Greenidge, whose daughter escaped from the tower fire in June 2017.

Tuesday has been assisted by an army of sewists and although, initially, this was a project local to West London, contributions started coming in from around the UK, Europe and the USA.

The aim is to grow the quilt, containing messages of grief, protest and support, to the dimensions of the Grenfell Tower by the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, in 2027.

At the Norfolk Makers Festival, in March 2023, six completed sections were displayed in St Peter Mancroft Church, opposite The Forum.

The quilts on display in St Peter Mancroft Church

Tuesday and her family and friends came to Norwich and were overwhelmed by the response they had from Festival visitors, who added their voices and emotions in stitch and textiles. So many contributions were collected that the sewing team have made a 12ft x 12 ft panel 'belonging' to Norwich, which is on display at the Festival in 2024.

Each panel is stitched with personal messages.

If you would like to create a panel for the project, here are the simple design instructions and an address where you can send your contribution.

Here is some guidance about creating a block for the quilt:

1 - square block 6ft x 6ft

2 - rectangle block 6ft x 3ft

3 - rectangle block 12ft x 6 ft

Individual tributes and messages can be any size or shape but no larger than 2ft x 3ft.

You can send your work to Tuesday Greenidge at the address below.

Tuesday Greenidge,

Grenfell Memorial Quilt

North Kensington Library

108 Ladbroke Grove,

London W11 1PZ