Arts and Crafts at Catton Grove

A Day of Sunshine and Smiles

There were a few nerves and some "I can't do that" comments when the art group members first laid eyes on the size of the canvases waiting for them, at Catton Grove Community Centre.

But it wasn't long before the artist, Malca, put everyone at ease and relaxed creativity took over.

Women drawing with charcoal

Charcoal doodling together is a great ice breaker and a way to discover how a single piece of material can make a huge variety of marks and effects.

The message was, enjoy yourself, don't worry about accuracy and detail, and draw yourself doing what you know makes you feel good.

One of the ways to reduce your chances of developing dementia is to be involved with your community, take time for yourself and to stimulate your brain by learning new skills.

Painting of a bearded man

The use of colour paints, charcoal, images and words were used to explore personal well being.

Throughout the morning's workshop, there was discussion about how the risk of dementia can be reduced through looking after brain and body health.

When asked the question, what have you learned today about ways you can reduce your risk of dementia, the artists had this to say.

"Get out the door. Meet people. Don't be afraid and believe in myself."

"Keep active and doing new things to keep your brain active and challenged."

One of the artists, who attends the weekly arts and craft classes at Catton Grove Community Centre, has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's and had this to say.

"I enjoyed this very much. More than I thought I would. [Creative activity] has made me do things again that I had forgotten I know."

Another regular found the session with Malca helped her create in a different way.

"It was great to find out more about other people in the group. I normally paint and draw precisely. It was great fun to free up."

Kerry, the artist who teaches the weekly arts and crafts sessions, also had a go, again departing from her usual neat and detailed style of work.

The work created during this special session at Catton Grove Community Centre will form part of an exhibition at the Norfolk Makers Festival in April 2024.

Group of people standing behind paints

Find Out More

Research has found that regularly challenging your brain and staying mentally active can lower the risk of dementia. As can staying socially connected and looking after your heart health, through diet and exercise.

Latest evidence suggests up to 40% of call cases of dementia are linked to factors that we may be able to influence.

You can read much more at THINK BRAIN HEALTH on the Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) website.

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