Cloth of Kindness

This exhibition is in the past.

‘Love is the greatest’, is just one of the many uplifting mantras you can find on the Cloth of Kindness.

Norwich artist, Sally-Anne Lomas, was inspired by the embroidery of Lorina Bulmer (a Norfolk woman who used stitching to express her anger and feelings whilst in a Victorian workhouse) and the famous work of 14th century anchorite, Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love.

Sally-Anne followed this ethos and invited members of the public to send in their thoughts and words of kindness. The first ‘Cloth of Kindness’ was then created. Several cloths have been created since and are used to inspire and comfort people in hospital environments.

If this inspires you into spreading a little bit of your own kindness, why not come along to the ‘Cloth of Kindness’ free activity?