Big, Bold Self Portraits

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Painted portrait of a young woman
Sun 21 Apr

Multiple days : The Atrium

Exhibit Paint/Draw Drop-in Free
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The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF

01603 727 950

Self portraits exploring health and happiness.

In the centre of The Forum's Atrium you will find colourful art works, created over the past 12 months, depicting personal stories about families, hobbies, well being and recovery.

The self portraits have been created by members of different communities in Norwich, as part of an art project, exploring ways to reduce the chances of developing dementia.

Woman's hand painting a portrait

People taking part were asked to represent themselves on large canvases and either illustrate, or write about, aspects of their life that improve their well being.

Painting of a bearded man

Most people who like to get creative are familiar with the message that getting hands on with your chosen craft is good for your mental and physical health.

Women drawing with charcoal

But did you know that artistic and creative activities, as part of a healthy lifestyle, can also dramatically reduce your chances of developing dementia?

Group of people standing behind paints

Research has found that regularly challenging your brain and staying mentally active can lower the risk of dementia. As can staying socially connected and looking after your heart health, through diet and exercise.

Latest evidence suggests up to 40% of call cases of dementia are linked to factors that we may be able to influence.

Man standing next to self-portrait

You can read much more at THINK BRAIN HEALTH on the Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) website.

The Creative Links Project has been funded by Alzheimer's Research UK

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