Self Expression at The Feed

Creativity and Conversation

Regular arts and crafts enthusiasts at The Feed, in Norwich, enjoyed self expression both at the 'easels' and working on table top portraits.

Malca, the artist leading the workshop, encouraged all those taking part to depict or write about the aspects of their lives that they find enjoyable and fulfilling.

People didn't hold back with their enthusiasm and lively discussion. Or with the self expression with paints and charcoal.

Participants were asked to fill out short feedback forms. What had they learned about reducing the risk of dementia as a result of the conversations.

One person said it was great to 'get out of her head' and to find a 'place to start thinking about being creative'.

Another said it was important to do things out of her comfort zone and to engage in creative activities.

The Feed is a community hub and social supermarket close to the city centre, which aims, through the power of food, to empower communities and to support people to eat well, live well, and feel connected.

Research has found that regularly challenging your brain and staying mentally active can lower the risk of dementia. As can staying socially connected and looking after your heart health, through diet and exercise.

Latest evidence suggests up to 40% of call cases of dementia are linked to factors that we may be able to influence.

You can read much more at THINK BRAIN HEALTH on the Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) website.

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