Garage Painting

Painted portrait of a young woman

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The dance studio mirrors came in handy during the Creative Links arts session held at The Garage, in Norwich.

Or did they?

Perhaps it's harder to do a self portrait while looking at a mirror image of your face? Opinions were divided!

The morning was a mixture of chat and laughter, and long periods of silent concentration, as the art group, that meets each Saturday, tackled the challenge.

Artist Malca Schotten, had the group warm up with charcoal doodling, starting off the creative flow and conversations about lifestyles and self care.

The aim wasn't accuracy and technical ability; rather the goal was to express with paints and charcoal the things in life that are beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Playing with colours and working on a large scale was liberating and great fun. Each portrait also included words expressing ambitions to do things that will help reduced the chances of developing dementia.

The artists expressed their love of the outdoors, of exercise, of creative crafts.

Also ambitions to travel, meet new people, to write creatively, and to continue recovery from past difficulties.

Man standing next to self-portrait

All in all, a very pleasant summer Saturday morning, with plenty of food for thought.

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Research has found that regularly challenging your brain and staying mentally active can lower the risk of dementia. As can staying socially connected and looking after your heart health, through diet and exercise.

Latest evidence suggests up to 40% of call cases of dementia are linked to factors that we may be able to influence.

You can read much more at THINK BRAIN HEALTH on the Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) website.

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