Victoria Goulden


Victoria Goulden is a textile artist who specialises in rag rug making ad has been doing it for over 25 years! She particularly loves the art of Mexico and Frida Kahlo, this means that these themes appear in a number of her works. Many of her pieces focus on nature as well as established art pieces and animals.

Rag rug making is where you hook, weave or stitch rags or strips of fabric together, often in vibrant colours and styles, to create a rug.

Rockpool rag created by Victoria Goulden

What is it about your making skill that makes you enjoy it so much?

I really enjoy that sense of repurpose, blending colours and textures, and feeling a piece come to life.

What does it mean to you personally and the way you live your life?

I’ve always had a strong interest in recycled art, the history of “thrift” in creativity tells a lot about human history globally.

Like quilting, rugmaking is a deeply satisfying example of what is often a social activity and craft.

I’ve spent thousands of happy hours sharing this craft with countless people in group settings, formally and informally, building community rugs, individual pieces and sharing inspiration and ideas.

Rugmaking is an opportunity for mindful and diverse self-expression.

What has been your greatest making achievement?

Spending months hooking a giant rug called ‘There you are” dedicated to my cat when he passed.

What is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

My first hook, the wooden handle and brass shaft are worn smooth from thousands of hours of work, nothing feels the same.

It’s told so many of my stories.

What is your favourite making website or blog and why?

Probably Pinterest, I’ve made many new creative connections from there.

Why do you like being part of the Festival?

The Festival is such a massive celebration of creativity, skill sharing and people.

What is your advice to a complete beginner who wants to have a go at your craft?

Just pick it up and start, it’s how the first ever rug got made, and it’s fun!