Ronnie Harvey

Ronnie Harvey creates beautiful rag rugs from recycled materials.

What is it about your making skill that makes you enjoy it so much?

Being able to up-cycle. There’s something very satisfying about repurposing a piece of material that would have been otherwise thrown away.

What does it mean to you personally and the way you live your life?

You don’t need to be precise when creating a rag rug; it’s very easy to stop and then pick up right where you left off - great for a busy lifestyle.

What has been your greatest making achievement?

Selling pieces of art on Etsy and receiving positive customer feedback; it’s the greatest feeling.

What is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

A pair of sharp scissors! That’s the good thing about making rag rugs - you don’t need any expensive equipment.

What is your favourite making website or blog and why?

I like to use Pinterest to get ideas, but I love Instagram for the creative online community I’ve found.

Why do you like being part of the Festival?

Being able to offer advice and share tips.

What is your advice to a complete beginner who wants to have a go at your craft?

Just give it a go - you may be surprised at the results! Even something as simple as knowing what colours you like is enough to get you started.