Julie Bolus

Reportage artist

Julie is an Urban Sketcher who enjoys recording the world around her with her unmistakable style of drawing and painting. She always gives a great deal of time to Festival events, offering free workshops.

What is it about your making skill that makes you enjoy it so much?

I really enjoy playing with a range of media and drawing tools to create different textures, patterns, colours, and marks on paper inspired by the world around me. I get enjoyment from observing my surroundings and being able to express the energy and beauty through the marks and collages I create.

What does it mean to you personally and the way you live your life?

Being involved with sketching groups has opened many opportunities for me to explore new places and meet new people. It helps me have a deeper connection and awareness of the world around me. It allows me to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

What has been your greatest making achievement?

Inspiring other people to engage with drawing and creativity through teaching and workshops. Having some of my sketches selected for various urban sketching publications.

What is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

At present Gelli plates for creating exciting patterns and textures, and erasers for hand carving rubber stamps.

What is your favourite making website or blog and why?

Find your Joy. Louise Fletchers Abstract painting and life changing education https://www.louisefletcherart.com . Urban sketchers blog http://www.urbansketchers.org for all the amazing sketches and stories about so many places around the world.

Why do you like being part of the Festival?

People rely a lot on social media now and it’s a great way of getting young people to be creative and hands on approach to making. It’s not so much about the outcome more about the involvement and experience.

What is your advice to a complete beginner who wants to have a go at your craft?

My advice to a beginner is that sketching is a journey of discovery. Enjoy and share your own unique perception of what the world around you no matter what your ability is.