The Forum, in Norwich, is run by an educational charity, The Forum Trust, which has a commitment to creating educational opportunities and promoting life-long learning and personal development.

The Norfolk Makers’ Festival (formerly Makers’ Month) is an annual event, established in 2016, which brings a wide variety of local crafts people, hobbyists and business people under one roof to create a vibrant, collaborative fortnight of interactive learning and motivational experiences, which is open to all and largely free of charge.

It is a non-commercial event and is delivered in partnership with organisations, groups, businesses, charities and enthusiasts who share The Forum Trust’s aims and who are keen to work together to demonstrate, teach, share and inspire.


To establish a free, public event where a wide and diverse range of makers from across Norfolk and neighbouring counties can display their work and share their skills with a large public audience, and in so doing inspire and encourage people to explore creative learning opportunities.


  •  Celebrate and demonstrate the diversity and heritage of creative skills in the East
  • Enable a large and diverse audience to learn new skills and access creative learning
  • Support projects which address issues such as social isolation and mental health
  • Facilitate partnerships, skills sharing and social links between community organisations
  • Enable community groups to exhibit to a large audience and to gain new members
  • Engage with schools, colleges and youth groups