Sharon & Neil

Silversmithing Experts

Sharon and Neil are experts at crafting with metal and believe that making and doing has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. They will be coming from The Silversmithing Studio to the Festival to take you back to basics and show you where your favourite pieces of jewellery come from. You can book onto their free activity here and read more about their drop in activity here.

What is your favourite thing about the Festival?

It is easy to take for granted how quickly objects are produced and manufactured when you are distant from the process. The Festival offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy a snapshot of how objects are crafted. We are able to immerse ourselves in the rich variety of skills on our doorstep.

What are you excited for/to do at the Festival?

We are excited to encourage people to consider how their emotions and wellbeing can be linked to their favourite pieces of jewellery. That bracelet they never take off. The ring they keep despite not fitting anymore. Those rusty old earrings. What is it about jewellery that has always held a sentimentality? Or even in some cultures, possessing special powers to ward off evil spirits?

Why should people come and try your craft?

Crafting through metal is not just a visual experience. This skill will utilise all your senses. The texture of the metal, the smell and heat of the torch, the sounds of your hand tools making contact with the metal – you’ll experience it all.

What is the best thing about your craft?

In a world where everything is about instant gratification, precious metalwork is a journey of patience, practice and dedication. There are so many skills involved in silversmithing – it is something new to learn and practice.