Walking in the Air over Norfolk

This exhibition is in the past.

Walking in the Air over Norfolk is the new project from the Petal and Purl knitting group who brought Her Majesty The Queen to the Forum.

Regulars will remember the life size knitted and crochet model of the Queen in her coronation gown (see pictures on right), which was the centre piece of the Makers’ Festival two years ago.

And last summer the Petal and Purl team transformed the village of Caston, setting up knitted scenes from the 50s in buildings and garden around the village and attracting thousands of visitors and much press coverage.

So what’s next? Well, come to this year’s Makers’ Festival to find out. What we can tell you is that it involves snowmen, owls and frosty magic.

The winter scene is a taster promoting another spectacular event taking place in Caston, in November this year, called Walking in the Air over Norfolk.

As with all of Petal and Purl’s projects, words can never do them justice. You have to see their work to believe it.

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