Traditional Printing Skills

This event has already taken place.

Meet expert printers and bookbinders who can demonstrate and explain a selection of traditional skills recalling the rich history of printing in Norwich.

Try your hand at typesetting, printing a postcard on a traditional Adana Quarto press, or make a relief print from a linoleum block.

You can see how sections of a book are sewn together, how book covers are attached and decorated with hand tools and gold leaf, or have a go at making a simple longstich notebook to take home.

The Norfolk Longbook will also be on show, an ever growing, 17 metre concertina book created by members of the community.

The Norwich Printing Museum is an exciting new working museum, and heritage skills centre, which will be opening soon in the city.

Born from the original collection of the former John Jarrold Printing Museum, the unique artefacts, tools and machinery will be brought to life in order to preserve and pass on the traditional skills of letterpress, printing and bookbinding through a range of courses and internships.

Contact Jules Allen for more information.