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Show Some Respect

Fri 11 Jun

Multiple days: The Atrium

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Bethel St, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF

01603 727 950

Don't ever underestimate the power of knitting!

Illustrator and cartoonist, David Shenton, works with Pride in Football to campaign against homophobia in the national game.

David is a Norwich City fan and tone of the architects of the Show Some Respect Campaign.

The face of the late Justin Fashanu is in the centre of his knitted protest scarf. Fashanu started his football career at Norwich City and was the first professional footballer to be openly gay. He committed suicide in 1998.   

David's epic scarf, and the patterns he created before he started knitting, are on display in The Forum's main Atrium. 

David's knitted scarf started life as a printed scarf, modelled below by Stephen Fry, then became a banner unfurled at Carrow Road in 2019, before David set to work with his wool and needles.

Stephen Fry with a more modest version of the scarf
Making an impact at Carrow Road

You can read more about the Show Some Respect campaign on the Proud Canaries website and the Pride in Football website.