Sheep Shearing

This event has already taken place.

Where does your woolly jumper come from? Let’s go back to the beginning and show you how fleece is removed from sheep then spun and woven.

Watch sheep being sheared outside The Forum and local spinners and weavers create fabric while the sheep’s coat is still warm!

We are joined by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust who will be shearing two different breeds. The speed and accuracy of the shearer is well worth witnessing.

Benn, the sheep shearer, will be demonstrating at 12pm and 2pm, with commentary from his father, Tim.

Local spinners and weavers will then demonstrate how cloth was created before industrial mechanisation.

The RBST is a national organisation which monitors the number of rare and native breeds of UK farm livestock, saves genetics in the UK National Gene Bank and promotes the breeding and registration of rare and native breeds.