Protest Stitching

This event has already taken place.

The creators at Withy Arts have been inspired by the work of 19th century needleworker, Lorina Bulwer.

Lorina’s story is a sad one. At a young age she was incarcerated in a workhouse in Great Yarmouth.

To express her anger and frustration she stitched passages of angry text – an early example of ‘craftivism’.

A ‘snapshot’ from Lorina’s work is on the right.

You can learn more about Lorina at this link.

BBC Antiques Roadshow Detectives – Understanding Lorina’s Past

In this free activity at the Festival you will be taught how to replicate Lorina’s method of stitching.

You can then stitch your own messages onto pieces of calico and other fabrics.

If you don’t feel like stitching, use ink pads and stamps to make your mark.