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Common Threads

Fri 11 Jun

Multiple days: The Atrium

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Bethel St, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF

01603 727 950

Art, history, textiles and radicals - discover the power of zines.

A zine is a small, self-published or handmade booklet that nurtures radical action. Zines can be an artwork, an act of documentation or an educational resource, but crucially they are anything you want them to be.

The designation ‘zine’ signifies less about the content of the publication but indicates that it exists outside of mainstream publishing channels. For hundreds of years, zines have served under-represented communities, uplifting the voices of those most frequently dismissed. 

Common Threads Press is based in Norwich and is a project which produces zines, predominantly about art history, written collaboratively with early-career researchers, students and academics from all around the world. 

The zines are stocked in bookshops and art galleries around the UK, including the Tate Modern and the Whitworth. 

On display in The Forum's main Atrium are examples of Common Threads zines and artwork. 

Founded by Laura Mosely in 2019, Common Threads also delivers workshops and curates events and has a commitment to community, affordability and accessibility.

This year Common Threads will be publishing two titles in a special series titled ‘Stories in Cloth: Two Zines on Radical Textile History’. 

The first is ‘Many Hands Make A Quilt: Short Histories of Radical Quilting’ written by quilter and art historian Jess Bailey. 

The second is ‘Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles’ written with textile artist and arts educator Dr Sharbreon Plummer.