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Block Print

10am - 11am: Online


Create personal motifs, designs and imagery with Artpocket.

The Artpocket Collective is exhibiting work created during lockdown at The Forum and offering a selection of online workshops in drawing, textiles, printmaking, photography and art appreciation - all for £5!

Early booking is advisable as numbers are limited on all sessions. All online workshops are delivered via Zoom and participants will be required provide their own materials.

Block Print 

Create your own blocks through a number of materials and processes to produce personal designs, motifs and imagery. Rebecca Tough will introduce you to various ways to make blocks and different methods for creating an image. 

You will be encouraged to combine methods to produce a range of imagery that can be used for different purposes such as personalised stationery, decoration or illustration. Suitable for all.  

Personalise and decorate

You will need: Thick grey cardboard (re-use the back of a hard back sketchbook ) or small blocks of wood -sanded (2x4), paint brushes (thin and thick), poster paint or acrylic paint, funky foam, double sided tape, scissors, paper - can be copy paper (scraps of paper are good and sometimes good to work on something with a faint pattern or texture).


Organiser details: Artpocket