A History of Needlework Tools

This event has already taken place.

Turn back the clock and delve into the history of needlework tools with Joy Evitt, from the Norwich Costume and Textile Association (C&TA).

Joy’s talks bring the past alive with her knowledge of needlework during the Victorian period and her collection of antique tools and equipment.

This is a free talk. Please make your way to The Forum’s Auditorium at 12.45pm. There will also be Q&As.

Pamela Clabburn, founder of the C&TA said, “Any tool which is well made and completely functional has a beauty of its own, whether it be a spade, screwdriver or saucepan but few trades, combine tools of the utility and beauty as effortlessly as that of needlework.”

The C&TA are also offering free textile based activities during the Festival.